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Our Online Communities and Activities

This is a closed, moderated group, and we are dedicated to ensuring that it remains the largest and most active online community that’s passionate about Bury St Edmunds.

It’s a highly engaged group, with most users actively contributing each month. Our popular video streams bring events from the life of the town directly to members, who often engage real-time.

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The We Love Bury St Edmunds Facebook Page is a public place that we share some of the best content from our flagship Facebook group. Facebook users share content from here to their own networks, celebrating their town, supporting events and sharing news, views, photos and videos.

The main website has lots to offer on the home page, in the shop, see the latest news and stories 

We have been the driving force behind a new, fun event in the life of our town, a day to mark our very own St Edmund, celebrated by flags and bunting and our light-hearted (and serious!) campaign to have home-grown St Edmund recognised as the true Patron Saint of England! An increasing number of businesses show their support, with a carefully-managed publicity campaign centring on high-profile weekend events that bring goodwill and create new memories to share.


The We Love Bury St Edmunds Badge scheme helps local businesses build relationships with local consumers. Participating retailers show an attractive window graphic and offer discounts to customers wearing the badge.

St Edmund's Day is on Tuesday, 20th November. Bury St Edmunds businesses can get a free flag or bunting and join the celebration! Sign up here to find out more. Verified local organisations only. Terms & conditions apply. Free items subject to availability.
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